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  • Established on June 29th, 1969 by GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology University, Government of India and Farmers of tarai area.
  • Restructured as U.P. Seeds and Tarai Development Corporation Ltd. in 1978.
  • As a result of division of state of Uttar Pradesh this was named as Uttaranchal Seeds and Tarai Development Corporation Ltd. (UAS & TDC) on 27.12.2003.
  • Now owing to change of state name the Corporation’s name also stands changed as Uttarakhand Seeds and Tarai Development Corporation Ltd. (UKS & TDC) since 23.09.2009
  • Operating across the state-20,000 hectares seed production area.

India is a country predominantly based on Agriculture. Most of its population (about 80% ) is engaged in Agriculture. Land is a basic input of agriculture which is not only limited, but cultivable land continues to shrink owing to increased intensity of non-productive utilization. Therefore, it is a absolutely necessary to increase the productivity per unit area so as to keep pace with the requirement of food to ever increasing population. More >>


Dr. Harak Singh Rawat

Managing Director

Dr. P. S. Bisht


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